4 essential tools for social media

social media As we already know to build and engage with an online community takes time and it seems a number of organisations place a lot of emphasis on the communications side and less on the metrics side.

But it’s even more important to identify what your actually getting in return for your social media marketing efforts. So to help you we have created a list of simple metrics that you should try implement and test for your social media.

#1: Use Google URL builder

This is a handy little tool that generates unique URL’s for you(less than 1 minute) that you can hyperlink to content published throughout your social media. The beauty is you will be able to analyse the exact source in Google Analytics so you can identify which medium or which content was most useful.

#2: Content Curation

For those of you that blog on a regular basis you will need to ensure you have a list of fresh ideas on what to blog about to help save you time. Two handy tools include Google Alerts- set up and add some interesting blogs/sites that you want to follow and check out alltop.com a site that displays what’s trending on social media for a specific topic.  If these can’t give you some inspiration I’m not sure what will. It’s also so a good idea to set up an alert for your brand name so you will be notified when it’s mentioned online by someone else.

#3: Find out who’s talking about you!

A handy free tool to check who is saying what about you is socialmention.com.

#4: Social media Metrics tool- Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a simple dashboard that monitors your social media accounts. It’s especially good for link shortening and tracking, managing multiple accounts under the one dashboard, simple navigation and easy to use, and scheduling content to go out at the proposed times and allowing you identify new business leads by observing what people are saying about a specific topic.

What do you think? Do you currently measure your organisations social media? Which metrics are most important to your social strategy? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment below. Subscribe to our blog for the latest mobile related marketing trends


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